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While Scotland is now a tranquil place, it has had a turbulent history. This has left its mark with numerous castles and abbeys still standing across the country. Balmoral Castle is the Royal Family's Scotland home, and there are many others to visit. Famous castles include Blair castle in the Highlands and Culzean castle in Ayrshire. Further south, in the border country, there are 12th century Abbeys to see. Jedburgh Abbey can be seen standing proudly above the town.

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Probably the most famous sights in Scottish Tourism are the great Lakes (or Lochs). Due to it's past association with a 'monster', Loch Ness is the main visitor attraction. However, no sight of 'nessie' has been seen for years.. could you be the lucky one?! Loch Lomond is also popular, and is based in the Trossachs National Park - a beautiful area of the country. In the Highlands, huge natural Glens are home to some fantastic wildlife. Bring your walking boots! You are likely to have a Glen all to yourself.

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Historic Cities

While Scotland is bathed in wilderness and stunning countryside, it also has a number of good cities to visit. Edinburgh's famous castle is its main attraction, and it is also home to the Scottish Parliament and the Monument Of Scotland. Glasgow has seen a resurgence in recent years ; there are plenty of shops and a good cafe culture. It is also the base for the two biggest football clubs - Celtic and Rangers. Other cities to consider are Aberdeen, Stirling, and in the very north of Scotland, Inverness.


No trip to Scotland is complete without a trip to at least one of the islands. Once there you will find a different way of life that may well make you envious! Some common islands to visit are Skye and Orkney. Skye has a mixture of secluded bays, tiny hamlets, and rocky coastline ridges. Further west, the inner and outer Hebrides make a great detour. The waters are magically clear and there is a wealth of monuments and historical sights to see. Transport links are good - the islands are very tourism friendly!

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